Essay: Pen is mightier than the word

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Essay: Pen is mightier than the word

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Although many teachers make all the efforts to create a comfortable environment before they start marking their students’ works it is important to take into account the color of pen to use in the marking. Teachers may make the effort of marking a few papers at a time to minimize the chances of tiredness to increase vigilance. Many teachers go to great lengths to make sure that they are fair as they mark.  Some governments including the United States and England have even recognized the negative effect of using a red pen in marking and have instructed their teachers to use different colored pens in their work. A student whose paper is covered in red pen is likely to become stressed. As much as the presence of guns in a computer screen can increase the chances of aggression, then the presence of red markings in a student’s paper can cause low self-esteem. It is worthy noting that objects that are related with certain concepts often change people behavior towards that concept by making it more accessible. The fact that red pens are associated with errors, seeing one provokes the thought of looking for errors.

Different colors are associated with different meanings and this shows that red pen is not good to use to correct someone’s work and at the same time expect him to improve. It is also important to learn that exposing a teacher or a student to red color before going for a test produces negative results on the said person. It does not mean even using the pen in actual assignment but if one uses it in studies, it will affect him. When one is using a computer that has a red screen, they tend to be drawn to the words that have negative meaning. Instead of one seeing “the toothpaste that whitens teeth he will notice the toothpaste that reduces the chances of cavities”. (European Journal of Social Psychology, 2010, available online). If the same person is given a computer with a blue screen, the opposite becomes true.  Exposure to red demands more attention and more detail focused thus showing that one will be critical of most of the things he is dealing with.

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