Essay: Pearl Oriental Corporation Group of Companies

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Essay: Pearl Oriental Corporation Group of Companies

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Pearl Oriental Corporation group of companies is the major and controlling shareholder in Pearl Oriental Innovation. The company’s core business is in logistics only but they have been diversifying into energy and resources in order to expand business and make more money. The company has been into coal mining and other energy resources lately. The major purpose for this diversification is long-term and sustainable profits to the company in a tangible and an intangible form. The company has been acquiring certain other companies in order to widen their base for production and profits. The company has also been involved in strategic partnerships, all for the same reason of increasing production capacity and profits.[1]

The Pearl Oriental Logistics is their core business and this was established recently in 2001 and it deals with domestic logistics whereas the company has international logistics as well so it has complex operations. This company provides warehouse management, distribution within provinces, haulage transportation and since it’s established in Hong Kong the company has established nation-wide logistics in mainstream cities like China, Beijing etc. The company has 100,000 square yards warehouses in China that are rated high for national safety and they have advanced logistics including machine run or manual fork lifts, product safety, loading, transportation, bar-coding, tracking devices, palletization etc.[2]

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