Essay: Patients Diagnosed with Eating Disorders

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Essay: Patients Diagnosed with Eating Disorders

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The shocking revelation in today’s fast moving global world indicates that one woman out of hundred women has Anorexia, while four in a hundred women have Bulimia. This is so pronounced to young women who are at a greater risk, due to pressures to perform best both academically and socially. As a result, they develop eating disorders oriented towards attaining body image perfection. In striving to achieve this perfect body image, they are exposed to risks of developing of eating disorders.

Eating disorders are thought to have the highest mortality rate more than any psychiatric disorder. Statistically, 6 percent of patients diagnosed with eating disorders usually die due to related causes. Sadly, patients with eating disorders records high suicide rate than that of general population, which is believed to be the major cause of death for individuals with the disordered eating behaviors and attitudes. In the recent reviews of the epidemiological studies of eating disorders indicate an incidence of 8 to 13 percent cases per 100, 000 individuals per year and average prevalence of 0.3 percent by use restrictive criteria for diagnosis (Carolyn,1999; Regard, 2008).

In regard to eating disorders, there has been various research and studies conducted among young adult women in our society. This studies and researches started since 1980 classification of eating disorder as a psychiatric or (mental) disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (1994). Therefore, this research paper shall seek to examine the impact that cultural norms and expectations have on the value of beauty and attractiveness as risk factors for developing eating disorders in our society today.

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