Essay: Path and Promise of Fatherhood for Gang Members

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Essay: Path and Promise of Fatherhood for Gang Members

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This article displays an impeccable interest in an area which has not been adamantly researched before. Even as criminology researchers study criminal desistance, they have failed to engage gangs in their research. More so, their concentration on criminal activities results to sidelining other aspects of gang members’ lives. Hunt et al (2009) recognize this existing gap and seeks to bridge it.

This article reviews a background of previous research on criminal desistance. This information refers to criminologists perspectives on crime desistance and the implication of turning points. They acknowledge previous research and its failure to address current gang affiliations and instead concentrate on past gangs from the early ‘90s’. It is in this light that they establish a need for research on current gangs where past ideologies have been replaced by modern tendencies. Although limited, the literature does provide ample justification for their interest in fatherhood among gang members. The authors aim at exploring fatherhood among gang members and its role as a potential turning point for these offenders. In addition, they have revealed possible theoretical frameworks for understanding and unraveling the life courses of gang members and the implication of fatherhood on their life trajectories.

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