Essay: Path and Promise of Fatherhood for Gang Members

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Essay: Path and Promise of Fatherhood for Gang Members

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The article comes to the conclusions that indeed fatherhood though indirectly, affects the trends of crime desistance. In fatherhood, most gang members find an avenue for change and for embracing a new identity. The implications of this new identity are what largely determine how gang members are to live. While others find themselves taking a complete turnaround from their criminal behaviors others are influenced by other challenges. These challenges include the difficulties of getting legal employment and knifing off gang affiliations. There is ample evidence to support the possibilities of fatherhood influencing criminal desistance or other features which aid in the gradual process of criminal desistance. In an effort to influence the opinions of other researchers, the article has made use of critical criminology research above the qualitative methodology used. As Davies et al (2000, p.175) argues, criminology as a part of the tools of control in modern societies should be able to provide critical relations of research subjects in the social context. This impeccable, critical relation of research findings to previous literature has also made the conclusions credible.

The reference materials used in the article are impressively up to date with journal articles from the year prior to publication. Literature dating back to the 1980’s is limited and also relevant in addressing the research topic. Furthermore, the article has utilized a wide range of books and journal articles which are peer reviewed and of a scholarly nature. In spite of this, there is no evidence of online resources apart from public documents. This however does not impede the efficiency of the article. All in all, the article has succeeded in fulfilling the research objectives and while its research methodology tactics are questionable, Hunt et al (2009) have produced a valuable resource for criminologists.

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