Essay: The last part of You’ve Got Mail

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Essay: The last part of You’ve Got Mail

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While using the mail from of communication, the two do not each other and in fact use very different names making it hard to recognize each other easily. We can argue that the two take this as joke since Cathleen has a boyfriend while Joe has a girlfriend. The fact that Joe discloses to a friend that he loves the girl he has not met shows that there is some form of seriousness in him despite the fact that he has a girlfriend. It should also be noted that Joe is the one who proposes that the two should meet proving his seriousness with the relationship.

Cathleen on the other hand, takes this relationship as a joke. She does not make it negative since she does not respond to the mails by use of harsh words. She just uses this chance as a flirting opportunity. She is independent and thus does not need to meet this unknown person since she feels contended. The computer-mediated communication makes us learn that Cathleen does not take life any serious simply because she solely learns a store. If she would take issues seriously, she would like to meet the unknown friend earlier and may be this could have saved her business.

There are instances in which the face-to-face conversation between Joe and Cathleen is negative but when the play is ending, the communication climate is positive. This is only bought about by the understanding the two have and the affection they have over years conversing through mails. Cathleen understands that Joe did not want to damage her business since he did not know her but only wanted to fulfill his dreams. Towards the end of the script, the two characters have broken up with their former lovers and thus lonely and since they have some form of love between the two, they have to use this chance to make their relationships positive.

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