Essay: Paradise Laborers

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Essay: Paradise Laborers

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The locals act as front desk clerks, bellman and lei greeters. The bellman roles involve welcoming visitors as directed by the bell captain and orientating the guests in the resort. The responsibility of the front desk clerks includes booking in the resorts visitors. The lei greeters offer additional services to visitors and along with the front desk clerks have a Polynesian appearance. The locals have high chances of getting jobs than the immigrant workers.  The locals have are a trapped population since the tourism sector is among the only available source of income.  They communicate in English and are employed in positions where they come in contact with guests. They are from mainland and Hawaii.

The managers wear aloha shirt and slacks with golden buttons and offer the visitors any assistance they may need during their stay in the resorts. They command a lot of respect from the new immigrant workers.  The managers and the job seekers occupation is referred to as transient while the occupation of the new immigrants and the locals is referred to as trapped. The managers are highly paid since they are skilled and mainly constitute of the locals and the Caucasians. Managers are middle class income earners who have college level education and are mainly hospitality professionals.  Their lifestyle is notable for being occupationally short lived or long lived since they change from one occupation to another or not depending with the employer offering better package. They occupational ladder is upright since the young managers can climb up the corporate management ladder.

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