Essay: Paradise laborers: hotel work in the global economy

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Essay: Paradise laborers: hotel work in the global economy

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Irrespective of the economic challenges facing the global economy, the hotel industry remains one of the major sources of employment employing one in every eight Americans. The hotels mainly serve in the tourism sector; however, little has been researched about the Americans offering labor in this crucial sector of the economy.  Patricia A. Adler, a renowned University of Colorado University sociology professor and Peter Adler, a sociology professor from Denver University spent eight years studying, observing and carrying out interviews in efforts to understand the way of life among the laborers providing workforce in five lavish resorts in Hawaii.  Their research made them to author the book, Paradise laborers: hotel work in the global economy, which clearly identifies the classification of the workers working in these luxurious resorts into four categories.

It is worth noting that the laborers are of diverse nationality, class, ethnicity, and gender. The four categories that distinguish the worker are new immigrants, locals, managers and job seekers. Adler and Adler illustrate the occupation, lifestyle and profession of these clearly defined categories that works in the resorts. The resorts that operating all round the clock for the whole year with scheduled shifts. After a readers goes through the book, one is eager to learn more about the global labor trends among this diverse work force classified in different groups. To conclude the author proposes political economy of the tourist sector while offering a comparison between what the workforce get and their actual expectation. This is a major ethnographic research on hotel industry in the tourist sector which is a major source of income and employment in the US “employing somewhere between 100 and 230 million, handling over 600 million arrivals a year” (p.4).  This essay mainly focuses on the four categories of the workforce working these luxuries resorts, referred to the authors as “paradise” in Hawaii. Moiré so, it also identifies managers responsibility in ensuring the success of the worker and firms all together. Lastly, the firm identifies the requirements of a responsible corporate citizen where by GM is considered as one of the responsible corporate citizen.

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