Essay: Paper on Nursing

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Essay: Paper on Nursing

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This review article, published in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing has been authored by two registered nurses at the Case Western Reserve University. One of them, Narsavage, is also the Associate Dean for Academic Programs at theSchoolofNursingand the other, Idemoto, isa PhD student at the same school.

Both have extensive experience as healthcare providers and an interest in advanced nursing practices and their outcomes. This review was conducted at the Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute of Best Nursing Practices which has been very active in collecting evidence relating to the best practices in nursing and forwarding it to people who have a direct impact on the implementation of these practices such as clinicians, faculty and policy makers. This institute also carries out its own research in areas that are lacking and conducts training programs for people in the nursing profession.

The purpose of the review is to examine and evaluate the best intervention to reduce or quit smoking in patients hospitalized for cardiac and pulmonary conditions. Findings from seventy one studies are included in this review. Several studies evaluate the key role of the nurse in changing smoking behavior of the patient leading to cessation. These studies found that interviewing by nurses helped promote the willingness of the patient to quit. They also discovered that hospitalization is an ideal time for the nurses to intervene and deliver cessation related information, as at this point the patient would be highly concerned about his health and smoking related risks (window of opportunity).

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