Essay: Painting by Dong Yuan

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Essay: Painting by Dong Yuan

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Painting by Dong Yuan is a Chinese piece of art, which was developed by the earliest founders of landscape paintings by the name of Dong Yuan. It gives the artist the freedom to imagine because it does not give limitations as to what the painter may depict to the viewer.

Yuan developed two types of painting, which are, ink and wash and blue and green. Blue and green makes use of bright primary colors in order to make the painting striking and attractive. On the other hand, ink and wash is a depiction of an artist’s imagination and it uses dark colors. The viewer is able to draw conclusions on the thoughts that the artist had when he was doing the work. The Xiao and Xiang Rivers paintings are among the best-known pieces of art from Yuan. In the paintings, Yuan combines different compositions in order to come up with the painting as it is. He uses strokes of his brush to show trees while at the same time the clouds act as a breaking of the mountains in the backgrounds. A boat that appears on the left shows the painter wanted to add life in the painting. He wanted the people to have a clear understanding of what goes in the rivers. Then rivers are beautiful from the painter’s point of view and they show that the place is very calm and peaceful.

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