Essay: Outline of Nursing Article

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Essay: Outline of Nursing Article

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This review article examines a number of studies conducted over a ten year period that evaluate interventions used in smoking cessation programs and determine which ones are most effective. It highlights the key role of nurses in the success of such programs and the importance of their awareness and initiative in determining prognosis. This systematic review considers Nicotine replacement therapy versus non-nicotine and behavior therapy as well as combines therapies and their short ad long term results. Overall combination therapies are the most successful, although such programs may need to be tailored according to each health center’s resources and thus made cost-effective and practical. Additionally, nurses may need to be trained to counsel patients regularly to maintain motivation and prevent relapse.

Counseling programs with multiple components (in-hospital and post-discharge) focus on nurses delivering the therapy (advice). Nurses also monitor routine care prevention programs for abstinence. All this highlights the importance of nurses being aware of intervention programs consisting of education and counseling as they can make a significant difference in smoking behavior and cessation when the patient wants to quit.

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