Essay: Ottawa citizen issue

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Essay: Ottawa citizen issue

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The Ottawa citizen believes that Assange is an extortionist who is our to plague the world and who is not willing to stand trial for sexual harassment.  The counter evidences against the act of publicizing secret data relating to the governments, sees Assange to be a doomsdays extortionist. It is reported that Assange owns material that can cause hundreds of deaths and unrest all over the world.

But Assange threatens to reveal all these documents if he is taken under arrest by the government for his leaks or for the sex allegations against him inSweden. Such extortion is likely to affect the lives and rights of innocent civilians in the most negative ways. Firstly, having a person charged with sex crimes to be on loose, and blackmailing the government, causes the civilians to lose hope in their government, moreover puts at risk their civil rights and security. Therefore, Assange has no right to make such kind of threats and put at risk the lives of hundreds of people only to serve his own self interests (Ottowa Citizen).

In my view the responsibility primarily lies with the American government for having major loopholes in its cyber security protocols and that hundreds if not thousands of people have access to the information. Instead of blaming Assagne, it’s the responsibility of the US government to ensure that the information is not leaked so easily.

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