Essay: Othello’s Speech in Act 1

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Essay: Othello’s Speech in Act 1

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Read Othello’s speech in Act1, Scene 3, lines 76-94. What evidence is there in the speech which shows that Othello may appear as an outsider in the presence of the “very noble and approv’d   good masters” Who are listening to him?  Why would Othello feel that he is an outsider? How does his marriage to Desdemona and the reaction of Desdemona’s father to the marriage play into all this?

Othello is a play by the world’s renowned writer of all time, William Shakespeare. In act 1, scene iii, Othello feels as an outsider in the Venetian society because of his skin color, his amazing life history and his physical appearance. Though Othello has a very interesting character, which made Desdemona, Brabanzio’s daughter to fall in love with him; he is hated by his father in-law. His father in-law thinks that he is a witchdoctor and thus he wants him arrested and prosecuted for using supernatural powers to win his daughter. (I.ii.73–80) The name Othello is not used as the play starts he is referred to as “he” and “him”.  As Brabanzio calls the duke to punish Othello for using magic to get his daughter, the duke happens to be interested in hearing more about how Othello won the heart of Desdemona.

He convinces the duke that Desdemona fell in love with him because of his life history while he loved her because of the way she reacted upon hearing his story. Though the duke believes Othello’s story he does not feel as a real member of the society because his father believes that his daughter cannot fall for a moor. The name moor is used to show that Othello is of dark skin. He says that he found out that Desdemona was willing to hear his story again and he gave her the chance by marrying her. His case is not about marrying the daughter of a noble family but it is of his race and this makes him to feel like an outsider in the society although he is in their army. He does not even seem to be clear on who was more active in the courtship, which implies that as an outsider they just fell in love.

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