Essay: Orienting and Training Employees for High Performance

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Essay: Orienting and Training Employees for High Performance

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Employees who have been well trained and oriented have high and quality performances in the work place. Considering the employees in West Palm Beach Medical center, it was concluded that well trained and oriented employees were effective, showed low turnover rates, were cost effective and showed high quality performances in all the tasks assigned to them. It was therefore argued that employee orientation and training is very important to any organization. The major issue leading to the study done by Galt was to reduce the problems brought about by poor or inadequate orientation and training. He argued that orientation programs might face some problems when it happens that there is a lot of information provided in a very short time, there are numerous number of forms to fill out, there is inadequate orientation, human resource information is broad, and the supervisory information is excessively detailed. In his study, he concluded that the management given the responsibility of training and orienting new employees needed to follow all the necessary steps to make the program effective (Galt. 2000).

Employee orientation is very important to the firm for it helps in familiarizing the new employees with the firm’s practices, policies, rules and cultures; it also helps in making the employees understand the environment in the work place and thus the expectations of the organization. With employee orientation, employees are helped to reduce the anxiety they might have for being new in an organization and thus reduce the shock they might experience after they realize the difference between the realities and the expectations they have with the new job. From the employer’s perspective, employee turnover helps in reducing turnover rates, increasing productivity, improving the morale of the employees and lower the costs involved in training processes. Employee training is a program that is conducted in the organization to equip the employees with the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge to perform the tasks allocated to them in relation to the standards of the organization.

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