Essay: Organizational Strategy

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Essay: Organizational Strategy

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The strategy of an organization is the attainment of a company’s long-term goals and objectives. It consists of various activities such as controlling, planning, execution and organizing. It also includes the setting of competitive goals.  It is essential for the continuous improvement of the organization and encourages the involvement of all the employees to solve all the problems and secure better services for people.

Before the organization can achieve any of its goals, certain strategies have to be implemented beforehand, as they are fundamental to an organization. Some of them include:

1. Workforce skill plans

2. Employment equity plans

3. Pay levels designed to recruit, retain and motivate people.

4. Grading and remuneration system which is seen as fair and giving proper rewards for the contributions made.

5. A consistent performance management framework, which is designed to meet the needs of all the sectors of the organization including its people.

6. Human Resource and employment practice being developed in other organizations, such as new flexible work practices.

7. Policies and frameworks to ensure that people development issues are addressed systematically through competence frameworks, self-managed learning etc.

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