Essay: Oppression in M. Butterfly

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Essay: Oppression in M. Butterfly

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It is also notable that the Chinese actor is masquerading as a woman to be able to perform in stage since females are not allowed to perform in stage but only men should. This is oppression of the highest order since the female’s rights are been trumped upon. It is too oppressing noting that the female roles in stage have to be performed by males .oppression is further shown when the singer is deported back to his country since he misinterprets his song as he is represents the Chinese and other native Vietnamese in the Vietnam war. This is also oppression since as an actor he has no rights for he has to remain extra loyal to his country always.

Once an actor, the Chinese singer divorces, Helga, his wife for he prefers song to her. This is also a trace of oppression since, women are mistreated in the society and are not able to defend themselves. Helga as a woman cannot make any decision regarding the divorce issue (This skin, I remember, the curve of her face, the softness of her cheek (Uchiyamada 290). After Gallimard, the actor, is deported back to his country, he is seen to be useless to the government  and he therefore taken to a reeducation camp simply because he has decided to be an artist. This is also oppression of the Chinese citizens by their government since there are decisions they should not make in life otherwise they will end up suffering (Hunter 162).

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