Essay: Opportunities of Verizon Company

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Essay: Opportunities of Verizon Company

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New licences have been acquired by the Verizon Company which provides coverage for a market of 200 million and has entered into agreements with companies like the GX for networking and professional services. These licenses and contracts provide the company with opportunities for becoming the prime contractor for large government and private businesses while establishing a dedicated clientele leading to long term profits.

There is an increased demand for audio access conferencing in the market. The Verizon business unit provides such products and services to the customers. By expanding this access point provision in the cities in theUSas well as in the main cities inEuropecan provide the company with the much needed diversification of markets as well as investment in a growing industry which can profit long term benefits.

The revision of the internet protocol has also come as an opportunity for the company. Since September 2007, the company has completed the deployment of the IPv6 which provides the conventional control and structure of the IPv4 but in addition provides much better security, management, scalability and mobility. It can also enable the smart devices to connect together to form a virtual environment where information can be shared and integrated.

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