Essay: Opportunities and threats of Virgin Atlantic Airlines

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Essay: Opportunities and threats of Virgin Atlantic Airlines

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Announcing an advanced inventory system for the customers which became one of the developments in technology add-ups. Customers can use the internet while on the flight 24/7. Warehouse facility for the customers at Heathrow Airport is also available. One of the Virgin Airline core competency is the online strategy for target marketing, branding and ad campaigns.

9/11 tragedy had a negative impact on the western world airlines which has affected this industry altogether. Another threat for the Virgin Airlines is competitive market in the routes of British and US which affects the price in the long-run. Furthermore, due to the fluctuation in the oil prices has raised the annual expense by 15% per year became the threat for the Virgin Atlantic Airways.

After analyzing the market assessment for Virgin Atlantic Airways by using the external and internal assessment tool such as PEST for externalities of the organization and SWOT and for internalities in organization it has been concluded that Virgin Atlantic Airline is a strong player among its competitors but it also has some weaknesses and threats which should be overcome such as the Flight delay, which affected the image of the organization and the overall productivity among the employees as well. It is recommended to overcoming the problem of flight delay Virgin Atlantic Airways should use those routes which are slightly easy and accessible to save the time of the customer and create hassle free environment at the airport.

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