Essay: Opportunities of safe environment for students

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Essay: Opportunities of safe environment for students

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Thus early education curriculum should be designed in a way that gives opportunities to boys and girls to do what they would like to in a safe environment without transgressing limits and without harming others. For example if boys want to play Karate, they can be allowed a little time, only with those children who also want to play the same game. At the same time it should be ascertained that none of the other children who do not want to play feel left out or feel that something is wrong about them if they do not enjoy the game.

In his book Gurian recommends various improvements that can be made to traditional classrooms. Among these is the suggestion of a varied curriculum to provide a wider range of learning experiences to both the genders. This is a corollary the research that is conducted on the differences in the learning capacities of boys and girls wherein, boys are better with spatial ability whereas girls are better at verbal abilities. This should definitely be applied to classrooms as both the genders will learn better.

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