Essay: Opportunities for Coca Cola Company

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Essay: Opportunities for Coca Cola Company

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In the market the Coca Cola Company has opportunities pertaining to investing in acquisitions and therefore increasing its portfolio of products and markets being targeted.

Moreover the company can also grow more in the soft drinks market by investing in the market more heavily which is forecasted to increase by 7 percent in the following years. The bottled water market is also growing which presents an opportunity for the Coca Cola Company to establish itself more firmly in the segment and take advantage of its growth. The threats that are being faced by the company pertain to the increasing prices of raw materials which are due to drive the cost of operations and procurement for the company much hi9gher, further restricting its profit margins. Aside from this the intense competition in all market segments pertaining to fruit juices, mixers, standard and specialized colas and drinks is also increasing making it much difficult for the company to operate in a domineering manner as it has been able to up till now.

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