Essay: An Opinion on Race and Racial Differences

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Essay: An Opinion on Race and Racial Differences

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In light of your personal experiences and what you read for this exercise (Fish, Miller), what is your opinion on race and racial differences?

The term race has been used to bring divisions and conflicts in the society. Race does not reflect any positive attitudes irrespective of where it is used. It is a term, which has been debated upon for years, and it is the high time that it ends.

Whenever the term is used, there appears to be differences, which bring about ethnic wars and conflicts. There are some countries where race is used to mean divisions in that different racial groups will have to use different social amenities. In these countries too, there are some people who feel superior to others in reference to the race they belong to. For instance, when people are referred to as being black, it means that they have to be the ones to supply manual labor while the whites will have to supply the management skills and technical skills. This implies that the blacks will never be the same as the whites no matter how much they struggle in life.

Race is a term that should have been banned many years back.  It is never fruitful.

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