Essay: How Oedipus became King

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Essay: How Oedipus became King

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To start with, it is worthy noting that the King misses death by a whisker since after he is born, there is a prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother. Or this reason he has to be killed but because of the mercy a mother has, she prefers to give him to a shepherd rather killing him. The shepherd takes him to his master who happens to be a king, King Polybus together with his wife, brings him up as his own son; they do not have a child. He comes to his home country

It is shown at the start of this play that Oedipus is very proud since he managed to become a king overnight after solved the sphinx riddle. He is faced with very shocking news from the local priest that there is plague outbreak. Since he is a proud man, he thinks that he can save the city of Thebes by flaunting his skills. To show his pride, Teiresias, the prophets has revealed the truth about Oedipus origin but all he can say is, “Has your mystic mummer ever approached the truth?   …But I came by, Oedipus…I thought it out for myself, no birds helped me!” (Sophocles et al 220). This remark does not only show that Oedipus is proud but also that he is arrogant. His arrogance cannot allow him to admit this truth revealed to him by the prophet. Later, when it is become too obvious that the prophet brought about real news, the stubbornness and pride lead him to desolation and despair.

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