Essay: Oedipus – character development

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Essay: Oedipus – character development

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King Oedipus is a play by Sophocles about the story of Oedipus who kills his own father although unknowingly and marries his own mother. All these happenings are through some earlier prophecies although they happen without anyone noticing. After Oedipus realizes the truth, he exiles from Thebes and leaves to a new town from where he has to stoop low and beg for help. Oedipus, the main character is shown to be a person who is very proud and arrogant although he changes at last after he exiles from the town and learns his mistakes.

This play has a very powerful message as evidenced in the main characters. It is shown that experience leads to wisdom, wisdom brings about the truth and the truth changes so many other ways of doing things. Oedipus the king is seen as man who is full of arrogance and pride while his brother is a politician but very crafty. Antigone is Oedipus daughter who despite being a woman and knowing the repercussions of her deeds, showing the character traits of being righteous and perceptive. These are the three characters in the series of these plays who help in bringing about the truth and making the whole issue tangible.

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