Essay: The odyssey

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Essay: The odyssey

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Different people have different definitions for a hero. Some define a hero as a person who uses his weapon courageously to win in battles. Others define a hero as a person who will use his brain to win difficult situations and make life easy for the other people. A hero can be defined a person who uses his brain and courage to win in battles. Here a battle does not mean necessary a war in which one has to use a weapon but rather a contradicting issue, which needs to be solved.  He might pass through a number of difficulties but at the end, he has to make it. He has to be celebrated by all as the one who has made the life of the people easy.

In The Odyssey, Odysseus depicts a character that is much admired in the Greek society. He has all the qualities that are evidenced in a hero. He has the nobility, courage and intelligence that makes him emerge the hero in the story. Through his intelligence, Odysseus is able to come out of very life threatening circumstances a winner. He was surrounded by immortals and thus had to use a lot of intelligence to survive. To his enemies, Odysseus was a liar, a deceiver who manipulated all the worst situations. To his family members and friends, he was a strategist. Whichever the view the people had about him, he was able to use his intelligence and come out a hero. His intelligence helps him make quick decisions. For instance, he tells his men, “… no one taste the Lotus, or you will loose your home of home” (1.104-105). He was able to use his intelligence to know the repercussions of eating the Lotus flowers and thus prevents himself from eating them.  After he is able to escape from the cave, he finds his home occupied by suitors are using abusive words on him. Due to his intelligence, he does not react to the abuses immediately but waits until he has set enough loyalties and then strikes back efficiently.

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