Essay: Obstacles in Utilization of VTC Services

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Essay: Obstacles in Utilization of VTC Services

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In another research conducted in July 2006, lack of proper education and information about VCT services was further revealed to be a major obstacle in utilization of VCT services. This study involved 771 clients from six government run hospitals in the city.

The results indicate that couples who had at least attained primary education were four times likely to use CVCT services compared to those who had never had any kind of formal education (Dillnessa & Enquselassie, 2010) This could be the reason why about 14.5 % of the samples were VCT users. The study further revealed that those who used condoms when having an intercourse and those who do not engage in sex at all were more likely to visit VCT centers. This indicates that the issue of fearing the outcome was influential. This is because this group of people is less likely to test positive and therefore less likely to be deterred by fear of turning positive.

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