Essay: Nursing recommendations for smokers’ treatment

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Essay: Nursing recommendations for smokers’ treatment

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Recommendations include increasing awareness of the those involved in the intervention program to the different modes of smoking cessation and the limitations and drawback of each so that they are better able to answer the patient’s queries and clear any misconceptions which often hinder progress and lead to non-compliance and relapse. Promotion of smoking-alternatives should be done aggressively so that anyone considering quitting has hope and direction. Also, the ‘window of opportunity’ should be utilized as prime intervention time and counseling done on a regular basis whether the patients condition is a direct result of smoking or not, and whether the patient is at high risk for developing smoking related co-morbids or not, as it has been found that young people are more at risk of developing complications.

Motivation should be assessed at every opportunity, as it has been identified as the single most important prognostic factor. Motivated and ‘ready-to-quit’ people should be highly encouraged as they have the best quit rates.  Anxiety and depression should be assessed at each visit as they can affect compliance. Withdrawal symptoms should also be monitored. History of compliance and abstinence should also be taken from a close friend or family member to gauge the real situation.

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