Essay: Nursing practices for smokers

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Essay: Nursing practices for smokers

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This paper is highly relevant to nursing practices as it reviews a wide variety of evidence based literature that proves the importance of interventions during the hospitalization time period for the cessation of smoking. The cost effectiveness and practicality of such interventions may vary between different centers and settings. For example, the preferred mode of NRT (gum, patch, inhaler) may not be available at all centers and may affect compliance. In certain areas, proper and complete information about NRTs may not be available, which may affect patient decisions and choices (Etter) compared to counseling and behavior modification, long term use of medicines such as anti-depressants and Bupropion is expensive and may affect the motivation of the patient specially when the medicines do not address the problem of craving and withdrawal symptoms.

Combination therapies, on the other hand, supplement NRT/non-NRT therapies with education and counseling. Such counseling is administered free, and in this paper, does not even require additional physician visits—it can be done during hospitalization and regular follow-ups. Although studies found that telephonic conversation encouraging abstinence post-discharge were effective in the cessation program as evidence by low relapse rates, it may not be practical in normal routine care as there are time constraints and healthcare providers may find it hard to accommodate regular telephone session for every patient in their schedule. It may also not be financially suitable for the heath care centre.

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