Essay: Nursing Ethical Principles

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Essay: Nursing Ethical Principles

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Before considering the nursing ethical implication of evaluating when life support should start and when it should stop, one has to consider the nursing ethical principles (Klimes 2010), these are:

  • Respecting individual and the individual’s dignity. This includes respect to ones human rights and worth.
  • Ones will one what is to be done on his/her body must be respected
  • A patient’s privacy must be maintained with confidentiality
  • A patient must be told the truth pertaining her/his illness
  • All patients must be given the best available medication without any bias and should not be harmed

This means the nursing ethics requires the medical professionals to follow the above guidelines while making any decision when treating a patient. Besides considering, the above nursing fraternity has to consider advance directive, which is a legal document, signed by an individual above 18 years giving guidelines about the individual’s medical preferences. The nursing ethics requires that these advance directives. More so, anybody about the age of 18 years is allowed the federal legal system to make any decision that pertains his/ her medical treatment. This information is passed to the medical care provider, personal doctor or hospital. Meanwhile the medical providers have the ethical responsibility to inform the patient or individual all the information surrounding certain decisions. The individual has to be informed about the dangers and options available for certain ailments so that to make the correct decision.

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