Essay: Nursing Ethical Implication

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Essay: Nursing Ethical Implication

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The basic responsibility of the health providers is promotion of health, prevention of diseases, stopping any pain and preventing any premature death. As life nears its end, those providing the health cares, the nurses and the medical professionals have to change their approach to a palliative model from curative model. The curative model is applied where the health providers are unable cure a certain ailment resulting to death of a patient.

The palliative model revolves around the basic principles of life that death is inevitable after birth and unnecessary suffering of a patient is an injustice to the patient. However, it is the responsibility of the patient to inform the medical professionals about their medical decisions. It is evident that after cone is born, everyone intends to prolong life and delay death. It is the medical professionals who ensure that they postpone prolong through professional management of diseases and injuries rather than meeting the desires of the patients. However, in reference to the nursing ethical implication, it is imperative to evaluate when life support should start and when it should stop.

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