Essay: The first nuclear arms treaty

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Essay: The first nuclear arms treaty

The treaty has been hailed as the first nuclear arms treaty where all the nations have agreed not to employ nuclear research in the area and is the prime example of international cooperation, especially since it was adhered to even in times of the Cold War when the USA and the Soviet Union were dead against each other.

The treaty has been the cause of further research in the Antarctic and can be said to be the main reason why there is little discord in its history. The research on the ozone layer was carried out in the Antarctic because of the conditions at the South Pole that were ideal for this sort of research. Moreover as this is a zone of little conflict, other countries too have stared showing an interest in the region and have sent expedition albeit in the late 1970’s to conduct their own research in the area which has given rise to national programs. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica:

“This latter group includes Italy, which mounted its first expedition during 1975–76; Uruguay, which made its first land expedition in 1975; Poland, which established marine and land programs during 1976–77; West Germany, which first undertook large-scale operations in 1980–81; India, which began work in the early 1980s; and China, which established its first station in 1984.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

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