Essay: Normal crying Child

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Essay: Normal crying Child

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Crying is normal for any infant and it begin straight after birth. We cannot dismiss crying as a reaction caused by ‘bad’ things. Normal crying happens through the first 12 weeks and then gradually subsides. Babies showing normal fussing have almost predictable feeding patterns. This helps their parents prepare well for feeding time and therefore reducing the habit to some extent.

Normal fussing is also said to increase in the first two weeks and reaches its peak at six weeks. Normal babies fuss at least once per day implying that they have one fussing period in a day. This period may appear first in the middle of the night but later migrate into late afternoons to evenings. These periods are characterized by frequent feeding and demand for constant handling when not feeding. Normal crying cause a lot of gassing in babies and not vice versa as many people believe although the gas might be a cause for crying.

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