Essay: Nicotine on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Essay: Nicotine on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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However, studies have shown there are lower chances of smokers developing ulcerative colitis; on the other hand, people who used to smoke before have higher chances of relapse. This shows that people who are currently smoking have the least chance of developing this condition. This can be attributed to the effect that nicotine has on the walls of the colon. Green (6) observed that the effect of nicotine has on the smooth muscle of the colon affects the gut mobility and thus reduces the chance of developing the condition.

On the other hand, smoking increases the chances of one developing Crohn’s disease. Smokers and those who have smoked in the past have higher chances of developing this condition as compared to those who have never smoked. Smokers have higher chances of relapse of the condition. Physicians constantly encourage their patients who do smoke to quit the habit in order to reverse this probability.

According to Mahid (7), children who are exposed to second hand smoking have higher chances of developing Crohn’s disease and lower chances of developing ulcerative colitis. Although studies have shown that people who start smoking after developing ulcerative colitis show fewer symptoms it is important to note that smoking has more serious health problems. This shows that smoking should not be encouraged as a treatment of the condition. Nicotine patches, which have no health complications, can be used on the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Of importance to note is the fact that nicotine cannot be used as a medication but it is active in reducing flare-ups.

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