Essay: Neo-convertasim a Political Philosophy in the US

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Essay: Neo-convertasim a Political Philosophy in the US

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The United States of America has undergone changes in history of its political policies in relation to being a superpower in the world. However, very little is known in regard to the political force behind driving the global policies that has seen the US to service the global surveillance.

Fortunately, there is a useful hint that shade light to understanding of this force behind the global policy adoption. Certainly today, the neocons in their famous political movement of neo-conservatism are believed to be the political engine for most provocative or prosperous policies to the US. Neo-conservatism is a political philosophy that arose as a result of social liberalism and new left counterculture of the 1960s.This philosophy influenced the Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush and the George W. Bush foreign policies in relation to security.

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