Essay: Neoconservative Movement in the US Today

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Essay: Neoconservative Movement in the US Today

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The neoconservative movement is so evident even today that president elects Obama wants to increase defense spending by recruits 27,000 more Marines and adding 65,000 troops to the Army. The purpose which describes as the need for US military to “stay on the offense, from Djibouti to Kandahar,” as a measure he describes “the ability to put boots on the ground will be critical in eliminating the shadowy terrorist networks we now face”. Additionally, Obama talks about beginning a world a new by having rogue nations, maintaining “a strong nuclear deterrent” and “seize” the “American moment.” By these statements, the president elect clearly reflects the dominance of the neo-conservative views (CNN news analysis, October 2008).

However, to gain deeper knowledge and understanding about neo-conservatism as a movement and as a political force behind various foreign militarism policies adoption for US, the origin of the movement to prominence precedes its today’s influence. In this regard, this paper shall examine the origin of the Neo-conservatism movement in perspective philosopher Foucauldian. It is in this views that this paper shall give a detailed view on the origin of Neo-conservatism and how it spread its wings to the present and also check on the effects on the ground that is in the United States of America and other countries in the world.

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