Essay: Neocons Attacking the Threat to the US

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Essay: Neocons Attacking the Threat to the US

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When America was attacked on September 11, it blew a whistle to the state defense and that is when President Bush decided to wage a global war against terrorism. This event changed the way American defense operated from theoretical to the actual war.  Anybody alive can now bear witness to the actual war that the American government is waging on Afghanistan and Iraq (Michael 2004).

These views resulted to the war in the Middle East such as Afghanistan that meant under the tenets of neocons attacking the threat before they may launch an attack to US. That is where the notion of the many believes it’s about oil or war on terrorism, but it’s rather war aimed at destabilizing the possible enemy that is really coming up and posses a possible threat to the US supremacy.  In general words, it means attacking another country when there is a projection of a possible threat to United States of America contrary to international laws. The preemptive-preventive war had been supported by the neocons even before the September 11th attack was the ignition of this movement. During this success recorded in the preemptive-preventive wars the Jewish were so prominent and had ownership of an equivalent of 87.3 percent of media that propagated their agenda in relation to attracts on the Arabs. To emphasis on that, Bush’s senior doctrine went forward to say that no other nation should come up with any technologies that pose a threat to them and incase that happens they could attack such a country and destroy the weapon in place (Michael 2004).

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