Essay: There goes the neighborhood by Wilson and Taub

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Essay: There goes the neighborhood by Wilson and Taub

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The 2006 novel, neighborhood by William and Taub reveals the results of analysis about race, class differences and ethnic tensions among the residents of four Chicago neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are Dover, Beltway, Archer Park and Groveland that are inhabited by mixed neighborhood, whites, Latinos and African Americans respectively. According to the authors, the American ideal of integrated neighborhoods may not be achieved for all the reason stated in this book. Through the Hirschman theories and case studies, the major reasons for the differences within the neighborhoods is due to the different perceptions about loyalty, exit and the methods of voicing their individual perceptions between the multiple neighborhoods.

Based on the novel There goes the neighborhood, the American society had very high changes of being separated on the basis of cultural and racial lines due to the perception of the different races among themselves and between them and the other races. Depending with the attitude of a certain ethnic group, the group could employ either of the Hirschman theories of exiting, loyalty and voice to disintegrate the Chicago residents on racial boundaries.

Due to ethnic turnover, the residents of Beltway, which is dominated by White opts to exit from downtown Chicago to Beltway which is very isolated from other three towns in search for better social amenities.  The residents of Beltways feel that they represent the American lifestyle and were forced out of Beltways by the minority. The social differences between the immigrants and the whites resulted to racial riots; more so, the Garland Parents Alliance (GPA) and The Beltway Civic League (BCL) differences in handling the racial differences catalyzed more differences. Whites whose focus is to preserve the traditions set he initial white inhabitants dominated the BCL while the minority group consisting of the Latino and African Americans dominated GPA and focused on equality (Wilson, Taub27). The organization of Beltway has stopped the white flight even though little number of white and migrating from Beltway.

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