Essay: Negotiation Strategy

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Essay: Negotiation Strategy

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To achieve success of the outcomes, the issues of the stakeholders have to be addressed rationally. The negotiation strategy that it would be best to implement this negotiation is the integrative negotiation strategy. This is because, this strategy always comes out win/win for both sides, taking into consideration of both sides (Barry, B. et al., 2006). In using this strategy, four fundamental steps are used to arrive at an agreement “identify and define the problem, understand the problem fully, generate alternative solutions, and evaluate and select the solution” (Barry et al. 2006).

In a systematic way using integrative strategy, both the school board members need to have a plan. Their planning needs some kind of systematic process in order to fully understand the issues and understanding of the parents’ involved. Before the meeting, they must “define the issues, assemble issues and defining the bargaining mix, define the interest of the parents, define their interest and any opening bids, assess constituents and the social context in which the negotiation will occur, analyze the other party, plan the issue presentation and defense, and define protocol” (Barry et al. 2006). Thereafter, there is need to understand the parent’s position in order to plan to counter any objections. If they are totally planned and have answers to any questions asked, things will run much smoother and faster. Both parties both understand the problem. After the parties have define the problem is to understand the problem fully, both parties have to understand the interests of each other. At this point, Sebenius and David  (2007) state that interests underlies concerns, needs, desires, or fears that motivate a negotiator to take a particular position.

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