Essay: Negative effects of smoking cessation

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Essay: Negative effects of smoking cessation

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Factors that negatively affect smoking cessation activities have been identified; anxiety, depression and weight gain. Withdrawal symptoms and craving are also risk factors for relapse. Strong social and interpersonal support is a predictor of a good prognosis.

The highest rates of cessation are to be found in patients hospitalized with the most serious conditions, like lung cancer. Whatever the diagnosis, those convinced that their health problem was due to smoking were more willing to use NRT. Behavioral interventions in-patient and post-discharge were more effective whether NRT was used or not. When assessing motivation to quit, the predictive validity of strong motivation was high with regards to cessation. There may be an element of observer bias in the studies included in the review as it was conducted by nurses and is regarding their role in the intervention. No instance of blinding is mentioned, although two of the randomized  control trials were double blind studies.

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