Essay: Negative Effects of Industrialization

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Essay: Negative Effects of Industrialization

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Industrialization has led to pollution, as there is no fresh air to breathe in anymore. So many effluents are let to flow into the waters as well as other wastes for instance mercury, which get into the water freely. All the water that is used to cool the machines in the industries is run back into the river increasing the pollution rates. With industrialization, immigrants issue becomes a threat to a country as people flock into the developed countries in search of jobs. This does not only ensure the loss of the young youth to other countries but also the educated ones. This can further lead to racisms depending on the country in question.  The whites on racial grounds will mistreat the blacks.

Industrialization has a number of negative effects as discussed above but this does not mean that there are no positive effects. As people work, they are entitled to better lives from the amount of money they earn. Unemployment rate is decreased and this raises the economy of the country involved. The working class of people is able to cater for their expenses and this reduces crime rates in the country as everybody has something to feed on. With industrialization, a country is able to provide better social amenities to its residents. This include schools, hospitals and roads this makes.

The best idea that has to be adopted in the industries is that of assimilation in that the employees in the organization talk in the same language and behave the same. This ensures that there is unity and cooperation in the workplace. When a country becomes industrialized, it now becomes able to cater for its daily expenses and thus top borrowing form other countries or the World Bank.

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