Essay: Negative Effects of Cyberbullying

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Essay: Negative Effects of Cyberbullying

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Why is this problem?

Research has proven that cyberbullying results to a number of several negative effects to the victim. According to Hinduja et al (2009), among the problems caused by cyberbullying includes the following:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Frustration
  • Unnecessary anger
  • Depression
  • Higher changes of suicide

Cyberbullying is aimed at intimidating an individual and the most common reaction by an individual is to avoid certain activities and stop or reduce interaction with friends. Cyberbullying has severally caused the victims to commit suicide and there are several cases of suicide have been linked to cyberbullying in the global arena. According to Hinduja et al (2009) among the latest incidence of suicide linked to suicide is that Megan Meier.

The reluctance of individuals to report the incidences of cyberbullying has resulted to a number of fatal results. Though cyberbullying not limited to a certain age, sex or race, the teens are most affected by the cyberbullying and make unreasonable decisions once they fall victims. Besides the case of United States V. Lori Drew (Stelter, 2008) that arose due to Megan Meier’s suicide, there was also the case of Ryan Halligan suicide all that is teens. Cyberbullying affects the performance of individuals in their place of work or in their academics.

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