Essay: Necessity of war

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Essay: Necessity of war

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War has been employed by many nations for various reasons; however, the justification of war in various circumstances has remained debatable. Though some nations justify the reasons, the result of war has been loss of innocent life and destroyed infrastructure and resources. Despite many countries continuing to be at war for most of the time, others have been able to avoid war all through irrespective of their surrounding circumstances.  Some countries have been fortunate to be located in areas that are free from war whereas others are unfortunate to have neighborhood prone to war.

However, despite the geographical location or neighborhood, some countries have been able to avoid war whereas others have engaged due to their vast resources.  War is a evil that should be avoided by employing diplomatic relations that are fair while at the same time employing intelligent and experienced personnel to negotiate with other nations instead of employing politicians who are self centered and greedy. More so, instead of investing the taxpayers’ money in war, that money can be employed to outsource leaders with impeccable negotiation skills to settle disputes and thereby maintain peace on mother earth.

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