Essay: Natural Human Rights

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Essay: Natural Human Rights

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Although natural rights are determined by nature and are there simply because one is a human being, they work towards protecting human rights. They can also be referred to as natural human rights but it should be noted that this does not mean that human rights are natural rights. This is because natural rights are the rights one is born to enjoy while the human rights are decided upon by the society morals or the government of a country. This makes natural rights similar in all countries while human rights will depend on what the government in each country sees as being moral (Milne, 1986). Although both of these laws are due to the nature of human beings, they are different in that natural laws are attributed to nature and this makes them carry a lot of weight.

All people are entitled to both human and natural rights and should enjoy the freedoms these two offers. Even though human rights are constituted in the laws of a country, they are protected by laws from violation just like natural laws. They are enjoyed by people because of their nature; human nature. This implies that the source of these two forms of laws is human nature.

Human rights concept is broad than the concept of natural rights. This is because all natural rights are listed but only in a different manner in the list of the human rights but human rights has some rights, which are not natural. For instance, by being equal before the law is a human right, which is not natural since laws are man-made and so does the right. Right to life is both natural and human right and this makes it difficult to clearly distinguish the two.

In conclusion, it can be argued that human beings have instincts that make them conscious that they have rights to be protected, life to be safeguarded, and property to be secured. This makes them resentful when they find that these rights are being attacked. Nevertheless, it becomes misused when people forget that others have rights also to be protected and must be respected. And in this case therefore, there is need for a legal system that will serve to safeguard both parties interests, hence human rights. Since natural rights are parts of human rights, it follows that natural rights can be constituted in the list of the human rights.

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