Essay: Natural Human Development Process

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Essay: Natural Human Development Process

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Researchers have also come up with a new technique in which the human egg divides without fertilization although it is not fertilized. With this technique, the new being develops just like it does in the natural human development process and therefore the process is just the same as that of cloning in which human beings are developed by scientific means. This finds the researcher to have taken God’s responsibility of creating and thus the whole process is immoral as people want to be like God or even try to challenge him. Further, after the new technique, the result develops just like human beings and thus the termination of their lives is immoral and against the wishes of God.  The researcher can thus be argued to have committed a very serious crime against God to be a creator and a murderer.

An embryo has to be considered a human being and thus its life respected just like that of a human being since “the line at which an embryo becomes a human life remains as arbitrary as ever” (G.Ganesh). The lives of the embryos should be considered very valuable and thus no circumstances leading to the termination of their lives can be justified. There is no point in terminating the life of the embryo because it may not develop fully since naturally, it should be left to develop on its own.

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