Essay: National Cancer Institute-Issues

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Essay: National Cancer Institute-Issues

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The statistics analyzed by race in US, African-American men and women have 40 percent in total death rates arising from cancer, while the white men and women have 20 percent while at the same time, cancer incidences and mortality are higher in African-American and white races and lower among other races such as Hispanic and Asians. Moreover, the other ethnic groups apart from African-American and whites exhibit high cervical, stomach and liver cancers.

Cancer issues

     After getting the statistics the NIC strategizes how to possibly minimize the cancer epidemic through designing various methods and techniques based on the key concept that can enhance a fight against cancer. For instance, there are cancer tools that are designed to be used in implementing cancer treatment and prevention. These tools include; cancer treatment, preventing screening, genetics and causes preventing cancer.

Cancer is a term used for diseases in which the abnormal cells divide without control and these cells are able to invade other cells through blood or lymph systems. It should be noted that cancer is not one disease, but many diseases. The types of cancer are named according to the organ or the cell in which they start. For example, cancer that starts at the breast is called breast cancer. The NCI has broad classification of cancer into five broad categories. These are: Central nervous system cancer that starts in the skin, Lymphoma and myeloma cancer that begins with the immune system, Sarcoma cancer that begins in blood vessels, born, cartilage or all that begins with supportive tissues, and Leukemia cancer that start from blood forming tissues.

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