Essay: Murder of the Captain in The High Winds of Jamaica

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Essay: Murder of the Captain in The High Winds of Jamaica

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The death caused by Emily is a crime but it can be argued to be innocent since the girl does so in self defense purposes. Anybody in her position can act the same or even worse since after being exposed to such harsh and brutal circumstances one has to harden and thus act in whichever way to save herself or himself. Although one of the girls stubs and kills the pirates’ captain, she cannot be seen as being guilty because she does all that in what may be termed as self defense.

She does not understand the motives of the captain when he shows her the knife because she is used to tortures. It may be right to argue that she thinks that the captain wants to kill her with the knife and as a result, she thinks of killing him first. May be out of pity and mercy, if the girl understands the motives of the captain are sincere that he wants to be saved for he is tied with ropes, she would have saved him. It is clearly stated that the girl is injured and left showing that no one cares for her. This proves her ill actions of killing since she is almost dying in the hands of the pirates and she does not know what she expects next from the captain. She has undergone a very tough kind of life and as a result, she eventually joins in the ritual killing of the captain of the hijacked ship and despises the murder as a normal killing. It is very true to argue that such killing is innocent and only leads to more devastation. It should be concluded that Emily’s murder of the captain was out of self defense and she is thus innocent and should not be condemned wrongfully.

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