Essay: Multiculturalism in Education

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Essay: Multiculturalism in Education

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By competently using the language, a student is able to predict and understand the false conceptions of another student. This implies that linguistic skills and empathy identification are of paramount importance. For two individuals to easily understand each other, the concept of communication and perspective taking are intertwined. Multicultural education not only teaches the students ethnic, historical and cultural differences but also help them to see and experience things in a new perspective. By understanding other perspectives and language connections, a student understands that all students are similar but also different form the others in ethnic, social and cultural contexts. While conversing, a student will understand what the other’s view is while at the same time the two remain in united in a common linguistic comprehension. Through language, a student is able to understand himself better by assessing oneself from the perspective of the other.

By multiculturalism in education, most students especially the whites are able to feel like they have an ethnicity. Multicultural education helps students learn fundamental cognitive mechanisms and thus help in developing their intelligence. This is with the assumption that richness and complexity of human social intelligence is entailed. Social awareness is very important for enriching the relationship of students in schools (Dowd et al 93). After they understand different cultures, they relate well with their counterparts and this makes the work easy for the instructors. According to Lynch, “Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, ethnic or national origin or religious intolerance motivated by racist considerations, which destroys or compromises the sovereign equality of States and the right of peoples to self determination” (20).

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