Essay: Muhammad: A Prophet For Our Time

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Essay: Muhammad: A Prophet For Our Time

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A Prophet for Our Time is a book by Karen Armstrong in which she tries to make people understand Islam more and thus be able to remove the misunderstanding that is in the West.  This is done by highlighting the pluralistic and tolerant character of Muhammad shown in Arabia in the 7th century.  She first starts by accounting for the political and socio-economic circumstances that were prevailing at the time of Muhammad’s birth. She further explains that there were no morals as Muhammad was being born as a result of the traditional Arabs who had occupied Makkah, conducting all their business from there.

Since the soils in Makkah do not support farming due to their barren nature, the Arabs in this place had to engage in only commerce and trade. All the items that were to be traded from both the south and the north had to pass through Makkah. This trade transformed the town of Makkah into a place where so many veils took place. For instance, the Makkah tribes retained some unfavorable negative characteristics of governance and superiority sense. They no longer cared for their weak ones while the generosity characters they had were replaced by uncontrolled gluttony to acquire more fortunes as well as moral degradation. This made the new generation feel like they did not have morals anymore and thus seemed withdrawn from the real life.

As the situations continued to worsen, there was need of a new moral code and changes in social justice as well as surrendering to a higher authority. This was the reason why Gabriel paid a visit to Prophet Muhammad who lived in a cave at Mount Hira. He was being asked to save the Arabians but this did not stop here for he went forth to saving the whole world and the entire humanity.

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