Essay: Muhammad a Prophet of our Time by Karen Armstrong

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Essay: Muhammad a Prophet of our Time by Karen Armstrong

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Armstrong further addressed all the criticism of the Western countries on Islamic sanction in terms of polygamy, women treatment, jihad and purdah. Since it is argued that Islam is a violent religion, Armstrong explains the reasons as to why several fights happened during the era of Muhammad; they are a proof that violence has nothing to do with Islamic. For instance, she mentions the Jewish clan extermination supporting the kind of culture. Initially, the enemies of the Muslims who were out to destroy Islam had to be punished by covert and overt means and there was no problem with this; the prophet was out to preach for this kind of violence to end. Muhammad managed to do this by assaulting the jahili spirit and at the same time made peace at Hudaibiya with the Quraish of Makkah. His followers advised him to buy peace but instead he accepted the Quraish demands.

Since Islam faith extends the traditions of monotheistic religion, Muhammad did not at all force the people from other religions including the Jews and the Christians to change to Muslim.  There is need of the world to be divided into different religious lines due to fundamentalist mindsets and this call for Islam to encourage a peaceful coexistence of several strands of faith since there is no coercion in Islam. It is also evidenced that the clash between Jews in Madina and the Muslims was not on ideological and religious differences but rather was due to political differences. Muslims were ready to coexist with the Jews but the Jews pushed them hard to the wall.

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