Essay: Movies of Julia Roberts

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Essay: Movies of Julia Roberts

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As they are doing a rehearsal for the wedding, Ike plays the groom while Bob is the stand in priest. Things go awry when it is the time to kiss the bride as Ike does it right in front of him, which leads to Ike being punched in the face by Bob.

At the end of the day, Maggie agrees to marry Ike, but she leaves him stranded at the altar and flees in a FedEx truck with him in hot pursuit but fails to catch her. They later meet in New York where she is trying to be friends with his cat by the name Italics. Maggie explains to Ike why she has been running away and consequently proposes to him, they later marry in a private ceremony.

Roberts also stars in the movie by the name Pretty Woman where she is a prostitute known as Vivian Ward who meets corporate executive known as Edward Lewis. Lewis is somewhat lost in Hollywood and asking for directions seem to bear no fruit at all but on meeting Ward, she accepts to help him get to his destination but at a fee.  After talking for a while inside a car Ward accepts to be hired as an escort by Lewis for a week whereby she is paid $3000 and right to use his credit cards. As Vivian does her shopping in Rodeo Drive, she notices that sales representatives are not taking her seriously because she appears shabby. A hotel manager almost snubs her before he decides to choose her a dress and even offers to teach some table etiquette. Lewis is amazed by how changed Vivian looks when he comes back and they end up having a very successful business dinner.

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