Essay: Movie ‘Run Lola Run’

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Essay: Movie ‘Run Lola Run’

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The music and soundtrack of the movie, done by Tykwer, Jonny Klimek and Reinhold Heil is adapted from The Unanswered Question, which is a work of American Composer Charles Ives. Ives’ biographer Swafford calls the original work ‘a kind of collage in three distinct layers, roughly coordinated’ with strings, flutes and trumpet each lending its own tempo and key to the composition.

Therefore it relates perfectly to the theme of the movie, which is all about subtly different takes on the same situation. The narration is done by Hans Paetsch, himself a German actor who is better known for giving voice-over for children’s stories. Here, the use of Paetsch serves to give a subconscious German feel to the movie.

The social message in the movie is strong, and apart from the energetic cinematography and good performance by Franka Potente (as Lola), is one of the main reasons why I like this movie.

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